Wasabi Harvesting Experience and River Cruise with Guide

"Experience the Beauty of Water: Wasabi Harvesting and River Cruise Tour"

Discover the abundant underground water from the Northern Alps that gathers in Azumino. This water, springing forth from underground, maintains a consistent temperature of around 13 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Thanks to this pristine spring water, Nagano Prefecture is known as Japan's top producer of wasabi, with over 90% of cultivation happening in Azumino.

Join us for a day tour where you can experience wasabi grown in these crystal-clear waters and embark on a river cruise to truly feel the essence of this beautiful water. Come and explore the charm of "wasabi" and "water," elements that you may think you know but have yet to fully discover.。


Wasabi Harvesting Experience and River Cruise with Guide

Per person

Adults・Children same amount 52500Yen


Plan Details

Period 2024/4/1(Mon)~2024/10/15(Tue)
Excluded days Every Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday.
What is included in the travel/plan price ・Guide fee
・Down river experince
・wet suit
Minimum number of participants per group 2 person/people
Minimum number of participants 2 person/people
Maximum number of participants 10 person/people
Tour Conductor No
Start Time 10:00AM
Tour Time 7hours
Reservation Deadline 7days before
Payment Method CreditcardVISAmastercardjcbamericanexpressdiners
- Tour itinerary -

10:00 Gather at JR Hotaka Station → Taxi transfer → 10:30 Wasabi-digging experience 11:30 → Taxi transfer → 11;45 → Lunch 13:15 → Walk → 13:30 River cruise → 16;30 → Taxi transfer → 17:00 JR Hotaka Station Dismissal

- Meeting Place -

Address is displayed when location is selected.

Azumino Tourism Association office

- Important Points -
  • Items to Bring: Comfortable clothing for easy movement, rain gear, and beverages.
  • Lunch menu changes are not possible, so please provide advance notice of any allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Please inform us of your water shoe size in advance.
  • This tour is not a full-fledged white-water rafting experience.
- Cancellation Fee -

Counting back from the day before the start of the trip: 7-2 days before: 30% 1 day before: 50% Day of departure: 100%

Day of departure: 1 day before: 7-2 days before:
100% 50% 30%
- Plan Provider Company -

Azumino Tourist Association
5952-3 Hotaka, Azumino-city, Nagano-pref. 399-8303

Sales Manager:Kitabayashi

Contact Phone Number:+81263-82-3133

- Consignment sales company -

Nagano Tourism Organization
131-4 NakagosyoOkadamachi, Nagano City
Registration of Travel Services:Governor of NaganoTravel Services Type 2 436
Certified General Travel Services Manager:Takeshi mitsui

Contact Phone Number:026-219-5274


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Plan Contents

River Cruise

Experience the Transparency and Cool Temperature of Spring Water from the Northern Alps, Even in the Summer.

Wasabi Harvest Experience

Exclusive Wasabi Harvest Experience in a Wasabi Field Accessible Only to Farmers!
Indulge in a special opportunity to harvest wasabi in a field accessible only to farmers. The aroma of freshly harvested wasabi, dug straight from the spring water, is a scent that can only be experienced through this unique activity

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