To enjoy the sake breweries and a walking tour of Suwa

Travel around to the five breweries, Suwa Gokura

In Nagano Prefecture’s Suwa City, five sake breweries—Maihime, Reijin, Honkin, Yokobue, and Masumi—stand along a scant 500 m stretch of the historic Koshu Kaido route. You will enjoy sake-tasting at these five breweries, and receive original stickers with the brand labels of each of the breweries. Using a digital map that explains the history and commitment of each brewery through images, guests can travel around to the five breweries at their own pace and explore the charm of Suwa City.

  • 長野県
  • 中部


Suwa Gokura Sake Brewery Tour Gokuraku Set

One vehicle

Adults 3000Yen


Plan Details

Duration 2024/4/1(Mon)~2025/3/31(Mon)
Excluded Dates New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3), Obon festival, and event date
What is included in the travel/plan price ・Sake-tasting at all five sake breweries, or sake to take home (cup sake)
・Original glass
・Original drawstring bag
・Original sticker mat and stickers from each brewery
・Digital map for the tour
Minimum number of people for reservation 1 person/people
Minimum number of travelers 1 person/people
Maximum number of applicants 15 person/people
Tour Conductor No
Start Time Reception hours: 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m
Tour Time Approximately 90 minutes~ (Time required for sake brewery tour)
Reservation Deadline Until 6:00 PM the day before
Payment Method CreditcardVISAmastercardjcbamericanexpressdiners
- Tour itinerary -

【Model Course】
JR Kami-Suwa Station (Suwa City Tourist Information Center)【Reception】...【Maihime... Reijin Sake Brewery... Hongin Sake Brewery... Ito Sake Brewery... Miyasaka Brewing】... Walking around the town (Takashima Castle, local product shops, restaurants, foot baths, etc.)... JR Kami-Suwa Station or accommodation facilities in Kami-Suwa Onsen
                                              (・・・on foot)

- Meeting Place -

Address is displayed when location is selected.

Suwa Tourist Information Center

- Important Points -
  • This project involves guests travelling on their own between breweries and sake-tastings. There is no guide accompanying them.
  • Sake-tasting consists of 4–5 varieties at each brewery (20 cc per variety).
  • Kindly refrain from bringing snacks.
  • Tasting reception ends 30 minutes before the closing time of each brewery.
  • Each brewery has a different day off. If one happens to be closed that day, go to the other breweries that are open and receive a cup sake for the brewery that is closed.
  • If tasting is difficult, it is also possible to exchange for a predetermined cup of sake.
  • After receiving your Gokuraku Set, you can use it until the project’s ending date. For example, if you stay 2 days and 1 night, you can split your visits over multiple days.
  • A translation tool will be used to communicate with foreign guests.
- Cancellation Fee -

No cancellation fee (Refunds are not available after the exchange has been made)

After the exchange
- Plan Provider Company -

Suwa Tourist Association, a General Incorporated Association
1-1-18 Suwa, Suwa, Nagano (inside JR Kamisuwa Sta.)

Sales Manager:Satoru Asai

Contact Phone Number:0266-58-0120

- Consignment sales company -

field design, Inc.
1-3-16 marusa Bld.3F, Minamichitose, Nagano Shi, Nagano Ken
Registration of Travel Services:Governor of NaganoTravel Services Type 2 660
Certified General Travel Services Manager:Kotaro Hayashi

Contact Phone Number:026-227-8955


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Plan Contents

Get your Gokuraku Set at the Suwa City Tourism Information Center

The reception desk is at the Suwa City Tourism Information Center inside JR Kamisuwa Station. At reception, you will be given the original items and a URL for the digital map. The center can also provide information about tourist spots and shops around town, so we hope it will serve you at the start of your journey.

Look for the sake breweries on the digital map

Use the digital tourism map unique to this project to aid you in your travels. Making use of GPS, you can check your present location as you enjoy walking around. The map contains images that introduce and explain the history and commitments of each of the sake breweries.

Travel around to the five breweries freely

Maihime, Reijin, Honkin, Yokobue, and Masumi are five sake breweries that stand in a 500 m stretch of the historic Koshu Kaido route. The order you visit them is entirely up to you, so you can start with your favorite sake brewery and enjoy a trip to appreciate the sake at the respective breweries.

Tasting and shopping at the five breweries

At each brewery, you can taste 4 to 5 types of sake (about 20cc each), offering the pleasure of discovering your favorite sake. After the tasting, you can purchase sake as a memory of your trip and enjoy the aftertaste at home. Through the brewery tour, let's enjoy the charm of the five breweries and their delicious sake.

Stroll the streets of Suwa as you visit the five breweries

Many tourist spots are within walking distance of the five breweries. Many restaurants also offer sake from the five breweries. You can enjoy a cup of your favorite along with some delicious food. We hope you will thoroughly enjoy the wonderful charms of the five breweries and Suwa City.

An original mat where you can put the stickers of each brewery’s brand label

When sake-tasting at each of the breweries, stickers of their respective brand labels will be handed out, and if you collect the stamps from all five breweries, you can also enter a drawing to win a superb present. Enjoy these nice benefits and a chance for a present as you relish your trip to the five breweries.

Suwa Five Breweries Tour Promotional Video

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